New Years Party  

Posted by Roland

[Insert witty Happy New Year exclamation here since I can't think of one because its 8am and we were up until about 1am because we went to a co-worker's house for new years eve]

A co-worker invited us to his house a few weeks ago for New Years Eve so we went. Surprisingly there weren't very many other co-workers there, but a lot of his friends were. They were great and we had a good time. Violet and I played Guitar Hero II for the first time (Never played Guitar Hero either.. I knew Violet would love it and want us to buy a PS2 just to play it). Well, it was a great game, obviously, and now she wants us to buy a PS2 so we can play that game. Cassin Frackin Freakin Heekin Hawkin. Well thats not gonna happen. I wish there was a Xbox 360 version. BTW, Nintendo's Donkey Konga (drums instead of a guitar) is similar, but not the same.

As expected, I didn't drink. I had a sip of champagne at midnight (I didn't care for it) but that's it. I ate WAY too many Peanut butter cookies and brownies though, so that's gonna be bad for my waistline and will kill my diet for the next 2 weeks, at least (sigh). I am quite happy I had someone to kiss at midnight. Roland [hearts] Violet.

I haven't made any new year resolutions, although I suppose I should. This was our first New Year's in the Eastern Time Zone, for whatever that's worth. Everyone else was drunk, at least. It reminded me of the New Year parties with my BBS buddies. They'd get totally drunk, especially on New Years. I always remember the concoction of whatever it was and chocolate cake put in a blender. (NO I didn't have any). I was not any one's designated driver for a change though... we left the party around 1230am.

We made good use of the GPS getting there and back. So that's good. Still would have been much cheaper to just use map quest but not turning when I need to and having the GPS recalculate new directions and telling me when the next turn or off ramp is at is very convenient.

Several boobies, both male and female, were revealed at the party. Drunk people tend to be funny that way. I didn't see nor reveal anything though, and neither did Violet. Well, I suppose that's a wrap. This is Roland D. Steedlam, signing off.

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