Cannot Sleep  

Posted by Roland

[WARNING The following paragraph is about as sentimental as I tend to get. Go get a tissue]

Why am I up at 8am on New Years Day after a paltry 6 or 7 hours sleep? Because today we're taking our dog of 3 years, Sebastian, down to his proposed new family. We adopted him in Texas as a 2 month old puppy. It's not a done deal yet but today will probably be our last day with him as I'm fairly certain the family's home is quite adequate. I have to write up an adoption contract and everything too, but mainly I just couldn't sleep. It'll be kinda weird not having him around. I'm sure I'll miss (a little) the frickin pain in my ass AKA doggy frog AKA baby bastian AKA dogus AKA Muttus aka Thud AKA Sebastian Thud Nicholson. Tis Boo.

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