Ooops. the real vertical mouse  

Posted by Roland

I kinda went on a tangent talking about desks and such in that last post and it ended up taking over the topic. My ORIGINAL intent for posting was this.. a vertical mouse.

I meant to blog about this a while ago but I kept forgetting. Ever seen a vertical mouse? I hadn't until recently, and I think it's neat. I used it for all of 2 seconds but I feel it may be of benefit to those with sore wrists after prolonged periods of mouse use. Yes, I'm talking about you, players of that WOW game. It also comes in purple and black. I don't personally suffer from any such repetitive strain based ailments despite decades of keyboarding and mouse use. Yes, I have been called a mutant. This is just one more reason.

Anyway, the vertical mice ain't cheap. But there's a few people making them, so maybe try to find a bargain one somewhere. MSRP is usually around 100 bucks but I've seen them online for around 50. Left handed versions are usually 10-30 bucks more. Suckers.

Oh, and there's also this Zero Tension mouse.
There's a few joystick type versions too that they claim is a "Vertical Mouse". Bah.

And while you're looking at vertical mice, ya might as well check out the vertical keyboard.

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