Sebstian, Part 2  

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Well, I couldn't bring myself to finish writing the adoption contract. I know I'll regret it but we're keeping him. Instead of trying to find him a better home where he'll be happier, I've resolved to become a better parent and change my mode of thinking from him being an annoying dog to a dog that wants my love and attention. Even though I said NO to Violet when she got him, and she promised to do everything for him without complaint, its too late for all that crap. He's my dog now too, and I'm going sacrifice what little free time I have to take the time and energy to devout more time to him and the other animals.

So instead of writing what I had planned to write, "Ode to Sebastian", I present instead "Sebastian, Then and Now"

Sebastian Thudd Nicholson
Born: 09/03/2003
Adopted: 11/09/2003
Time spent as his owners: Just over 3 years.
Homes Sebastian has known:
---SPCA Animal Shelter, The Colony, TX.
---Hawse Dr, The Colony, TX.
---Mifflin St, Unit#2, Madison, WI.
---Whitlock Rd, Madison, WI.
---River Rd, Tewksbury, MA.
Money spent to adopt: $185.00
Money spent for shots, vet bills, check-ups, and other medical bills: More than $200.00
Money spent on toys, dog cage, Dog-related repairs, and other incidentals: More than $500.00
Money spent for food, water, treats, or other nutritional needs: More than $3,000
Damage to other dogs: Accidently sprained the leg of our roomate's greyhound (Hank).
Making a pet a part of your family: Priceless.

November 9, 2003: [Gwyn and Sebastian Meet]

November 10, 2003:

November 13, 2003:

Dec 22, 2003:


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No worries. It sounds like you are doing the best thing. I'm sure he will be happy to have known you and been loved so much.

8:31 PM

We were playing yesterday and he accidently bit my thumb. Doh. Ah well we're stuck with him now.

4:27 PM

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