Children of Men  

Posted by Roland

Violet and I went out on our no-longer-weekly- Monday date night and saw Children of Men. It was fairly decent. My expectations weren't high or low since I didn't know much about the movie except it was supposed to be sci-fi ish and humankind is infertile.

This was a war movie. The glorious special effects were outstanding. Most of the rebels were Arab and all of the police were British. Of course, apparently, that's because the entire world has gone to hell and Britain is the only place worth living. As a result, illegal immigrants try to get in, and the Britain police and military keep them out. Countries aren't at war anymore.. its just the police vs the illegal immigrants. The overtone was so obvious that it was a little insulting.

The Sci-Fi was barely a part of the movie. Set about 20 years in the future, there's wasn't much integration between tech and society. Bigger LCD TVs for larger and more frequent Ads were on every building. The cars were almost interesting prototypes. There's a new product in most of the ads that you see. It allows you to gracefully and quickly kill yourself.

The story follows some guy who used to be a rebel but isn't anymore. Lots of people get killed fairly violently. He never carries or uses a gun, although the opportunity presents him with such options many times. Kinda weird.

The movie is a dark reminder why humanity doesn't probably deserve to survive. It may be worth renting, and the effects are very good, but I doubt I'd want to pay full price for it again.
I'll rate it an arbitrary 6.5/10.

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