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Some sad news on the home front. Get a tissue.

Since I don't think Violet could take announcing the news, I've decided to try and find a new home for our dog Sebastian (her site has pics). I just feel both he and us would be better off if he found a home that could take better care of him and give him more attention than we do. I posted an ad on Pet Finder 2 evenings ago and already we've had 4 inquiries about him. We met with one family today, a mom, pop, and 12yr old boy. They seem to be a great fit for our energetic "baby bastion". The meeting went well and we have another scheduled at their house for tomorrow to see if Sebastian will like their environment. They have 1 cat and 1 lizard. Although it does pain me a little to even conceive of putting him up for adoption, let alone going through with it, I believe it'll be for the best of everyone involved, especially our "pupper frog". My main issue with the whole ordeal is Violet's sorrow... she's the one that wanted him in the first place, and we've had him for 3 years and 1 month. Obviously we're all fairly attached.

Listing the advantages and disadvantages of giving Sebastian away for adoption would be somewhat distasteful, so I shall not do that. Suffice to say that I will not give him to anyone whom I don't think will give him a better life than we currently do. After all, he's a happy dog now. Its a difficult, life changing decision. I am not making it lightly.

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