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Posted by Roland

I've always had a eye for ergonomics. Well ok, I've always been a slouch. But I tend to cringe at the environment some of my friends have put themselves into. For example, probably about 8 years ago my friend "T.A." was sitting on the floor with his monitor on a cardboard box. OMG! And it's not like he was at his computer every once in a while. He frickin played Everquest all the time. It was horrific. I couldn't stand it. He couldn't afford a table, let alone a decent computer desk, so I built him one. It took about 1 day and 2 very late nights but I think it turned out OK. It was a decent desk, though mostly particle board. The cubby holes were designed to hold standard 8 or 12" folders vertically, the top cubby was large enough to hold standard 8.5"x11" paper, the top shelf was wide enough for a printer, with built in "book ends" in case he wanted to use the other half of the hutch's top for books. I also drilled and cut several holes and "C" notches for cord management. I used a router so there were no hard edges, and the entire desk was covered with a heavy brown stain that resisted moisture. A pull out drawer is featured on the lower right, just above the main CPU shelf. The hutch is removable, of course, and the back of the desk features a long horizontal support brace using the same wood as the front for stability and strength. It's not exactly a light desk, but I could stand on it and not break it.

Oh, How did I know how to build a desk and all that? Well, fortunately my step-dad is a machinist engineer by trade and a woodworker by hobby, so he taught me everything I know. He also had all the really cool "shop tools" in the garage. One day I hope to have a similar setup. I enjoy woodworking, though I'm not that great at it. Shelves and desks are about all I've done.

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The shelves you put up in my garage were incredibly strong and lasted forever.

1:33 PM

I remember those. I hope they were useful. I kinda remember some people having their doubts so I climbed up on it and bounced up and down to prove it. heh. I also remember some of the kids being fairly ungrateful. Ah well.

4:26 PM

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