Creative Block  

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If you're the creative type, and we all are to some degree, then you should probably watch this video.

Holding Pattern  

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Not too much to post about I suppose. Its quicker and easier to update Facebook so the routine stuff has been updated there. Currently, I'm in crunch mode working 10 hour days and half days on Sat. Violet's due any week now (hopefully Griffin will wait until at least next week). The limited free time I have is spent watching TV for the most part. I recently finished Ghostbusters the video game (360). I'm working on Call of Juarez 2, but its slow going. I didn't realize it was a FPS, otherwise I would have got it for the PC instead of the Xbox 360.

Independence Day  

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Probably the best thing about living in Euege, OR is that we have friends here. Friends that help babysit, invite us to parties, and generally significantly increase our social lives. Yesterday we went to the Brown's house for a 4th of July BBQ. We were surrounded by kids, and yet we were able to interact with adults most of the time. As the sun began to finally set, people were watering down their roofs. I've never heard of this before. Since fireworks are legal (and to some degree encouaged) here, this practice helps discourage the falling firework embers from landing on a patch of roof moss and starting a fire. It was a good time overall. This is a pic of Drake playing with the T-ball. He thought it was awesome.

We brought chips, sodas, and I made my favorite dessert, Three-Layer Dessert (My mom's recipe.. I don't know where she got it from). It's SUPER easy to make, and doesn't take very long at all (so long as you're not being distracted by the TV in the background as I was). It was a huge success, which is great. I also made a smaller 1-person version in a sundae dish that didn't contain any chocolate in it since one of the guests was allergic. I'm not sure why its called 3-layer dessert though. There's technically more than 3 layers (From bottom to top):

  • Crust. Usually walnut based and made from scratch. I'm lazy so I bought 2 pre-made Honey Graham Cracker pie crusts. But after baking them for 5 mins to make them crispier, I decided to dump the extra crumbs on top into the sink. Half the crust came off! Ooops. Since I stayed up until about 2 am making these, I went to the local WinCo market and ended up buying an Oreo based crust)
  • A blend of Cream Cheese (just one 8 oz package) + powdered sugar (1 cup) + Cool Whip (1.5 cups). I bought an electric hand mixer which made this SOOO quick and easy! And no lumps for a change!
  • Chocolate Pudding (1 lrg pkg)
  • Vanilla Pudding (1 lrg pkg)
  • Cool Whip
  • Grated Hershey Bar (refrigerate the bar to make it easier to grate)

Baby Daddy's Day  

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Today was Father's Day.
Normally I would post some kinda epic poem or write some kinda creative story. But as a father, I'm too tired and unmotivated for such things these days. So instead of some clever prose, here's a basic outline of my special day.

  • Slept in until 11:30am. Drake woke up at 6:30am (arg), but Violet took care of him for a change (WOOT!) so I didn't have to get up. Normally I'd be the one getting up early. I needed it to. I've been sleep deprived for the last 2 weeks. He stayed up until about 9am and then napped until a bit past noon.
  • Had breakfast at 130pm at IHOP. I had a bacon, cheese, and sausage omelet. Basically everything that's bad for my cholesterol. Mmmm, I need to have checked again now that my prescription ran out a few weeks ago and I haven't seen my new Oregon based doc yet. I certainly can't say I enjoyed my breakfast meal since I don't really remember eating it. I was pretty much handling Drake the entire time.
  • Went to the Gateway Mall in Springfield so Drake could play in the playground. I really like it because I can just sit there and watch him run around and have a lot of fun (and tire himself out). It was kinda crowded but that didn't matter much.
  • Since Drake didn't get up until about 12:30-ish, he was go go go all afternoon. By the time we got back from the mall though he was tuckered out again and napped from 5:30p-8pm when we woke him up so we coudl have dinner. During his nap I paid bills and played some more Ghostbusters.
  • We had dinner at Carl's Jr, one of my fav locations but Violet doesn't care for it. We had just had Sizzler the previous evening, which is why I chose Carl's.
  • We got home around 9-ish, a bit past his bedtime but because his sleep schedule was running late him and I watched an episode of The Backyardigans before he went to bed.
  • Earlier in the week we all went to Brushfire and Drake helped mommy paint me a mug.
So a fairly busy day that went by pretty quick. I had hoped to spend time with the family outside, like at a park or Letterboxing, but it rained later in the afternoon so we didn't.

At Brushfire

Drakey and I watching Backyardigans just before his nap.

Lunch Bag Art  

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Check out my friend's most excellent lunch bag art. It's all the rage.
He now has an online store too!

Solar Inspired Furniture  

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Totally Awesome.

Tony Hawk Ride Announced  

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Check out the new Tony Hawk game on Gametrailers TV. Seriously.
Then check out the main Tony Hawk Ride site.

Compute Anything  

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From the creator of Mathematica...
Compute Anything
Check out the intro video. It's spiffy!