Job Hunting  

Posted by Roland

Well, I've been laid off now for 2 weeks. I've applied to over 70 companies all across the US. I've had over a dozen phone interviews and at least that many phone or written programmer tests. Thus far I've had 2 onsite interviews and I have 2 more scheduled. I've had several 2nd-stage phone interviews as well. I'm still waiting to hear back from a few more companies too. All in all, I've been pretty busy. I'm really hoping to choose from several offers within the next 2 weeks. After graduation I had 2 offers within 3 months. After Raven I had a job within 1 month. Things are even faster this time around. So I have high hopes, but also high doubts.
I really dislike not having a job. Not only is it going to be financial ruin very soon, but I'm also fairly bored. Oh sure, 4 interviews a day is entertaining, but eventually the calls slow to a trickle, the emails slow down, and I'm left with my own insecurities in a state of panic about how much I'll end up earning at Taco Bell. I thought the same things before too and I landed 2 very good jobs and 2 very good companies. Well, they were good companies for me at the time I was hired. I kinda know everything will turn out OK, I just hate waiting.

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