Another Gamer on the way  

Posted by Roland

So the really great news is that Violet tested positive for pregnacy about a week ago. She's about a month in now, so its still a little early to mention it apparently. I'm not sure why people wait 3 months to tell other people. I guess because so many things can go wrong I dunno. Hopefully I'll find another job soon and get back on healthcare insurance so we can find out how everything is going. We've been trying for 3 years and were in the early stages of adoption research and fertility consultation, so this is really great! We're both pretty happy about it, despite our financial crunch right now. Hurray!

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Awwww. Hooray! Am I schizophrenic yet?

I'm soooo happy to hear that you have a little one on the way. Hopefully, things will come through in a big way, either way you are due something wonderful!

8:10 PM

Wow! Congrats! A little Roland - Violate hybrid is just what the universe needs!

3:57 PM

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