Transformers, The Display  

Posted by Roland

I was thinking of selling my transformers on Ebay to make some money, clear out my old crap, and help pay some bills. Nearly all of them are in poor to fair condition, and I probably wouldn't get much for them. (sigh). So instead I dusted them off (see previous blog post) and put them on a shelf. It would take a long time to list them all out, and several are not Transformers at all. Some are Go-Bots or Japanese imports. For the record, I've been wanting to do this well before the movie was announced. Now that its out though, they may fetch some mediocre prices, but I doubt it.

The ones I recall the names of from the top of my head are:
(top) Metroplex, Perceptor, Omega Surpreme.
(shelf 1) Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus.
(shelf 2) Shockwave
(shelf 3) All the Predacons (They form Predaking), All the dinobots (Grimlock is a japanese import, not the real thing, but I think he looks cooler) [Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Swoop], Blaster, Soundwave, all their cassettes
(shelf 4) The combaticons (They form Bruticus, I think), a pair of rock transformers, and some weird water transformers that I dont remember the names of. Turtle, shark, piranha, and a manta ray.

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Is there an ice cream truck one? How about a dim sum cart robot? Dim sum is good.

I don't know anything about these. Is it okay to call them Trannies for short?

Do you have any Micronauts?

2:29 PM

My brother and I had wars with Legos and Micronauts. Meeeemmorieeeeess....

12:54 AM

If your selling any, I'm interested!

1:14 PM

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