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Posted by Roland

Plans for July 4th include napping, watching TiVo, cleaning the garage, and maybe watching fireworks on TV. You would think that being so close to the capitol of our country there'd be a lot of fireworks around here. Well, there are. There's more firework "Buy One Get One FREE!" vendors than there are Dunkin Donut stores.

My fried Derek created an artistic interpretation of my beaver hiding behind a dishwasher in my garage story. Since I thought it was neat, and with his permission, here it is.

In other news, I repaired the chewed through wires of the lawn mower this morning. Hopefully it won't blow up or set the lawn on fire.

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Thanks for posting my thing. That's a dishwasher there, you know.

Fireworks are unavailable here, of course. I remember buying them when I was a kid visiting my relatives.

Do they still have the "Rose?" How about the "Snake?" What kind of advances have been made in home pyrotechnics?

1:50 PM

Umm. I don't know. Not being a big fireworks person and not having bought any this holiday season, I have no idea.

7:34 PM

Buy 1 get one free? PPFFFT! Down here in cheapo beer and guns country, the fireworks stands have buy 1 get 5 free! All of them! And there's a stand every 10 feet, year-round! They open up shop for the 4th, New Years, Ground Hog's Day, etc. Nothing goes together better than explosives and cheap beer, y'all!

9:28 AM

Oh, I forgot to mention that the noise ordinance allows people to fire off their fireworks until midnight. Nothing's more soothing than hearing explosions and seeing their skybound reflections at midnight.

9:30 AM

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