Weekend Krispy Kreme  

Posted by Roland

When the pregnant wife wants something, she usually gets it. Especially if its food. The fact that Krispy Kreme doughnuts is nearly 30 miles away (which equates to about 55 mins of drive time here in Northern Virginia) is irrelevant. Oh sure, the grocery store down the street has 'em, but apparently they're not fresh enough. So we drove to KK and then came home and she ate two and is saving her other 4 for tomorrow and the next day. Mmmmmm. I find that odd. So far I've eaten 5 of my 6 doughnuts. I doubt they'll last until morning but I'm trying to hold out.

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Just wait until it's 3am and she wants fresh donuts.

12:57 PM

Hold out! YOU CAN DO IT!!

5:27 PM

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