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Posted by Roland

Maybe I just don't know enough about it, but Section 8 pisses me off. Millions of Americans work their asses off to barely afford their inflated rent. Then a "low income" family comes along and lives in the same nice house right next door and pays nothing. The government pays their rent for them. That kinda pisses me off.

Section 8 is part of a larger government subsidized program created during the Great Depression. Its changed a lot over the years but in essence it lets poor people live beyond their means, thereby encouraging them to stay poor. The middle class, once again, picks up the slack by not only paying for their own full rent/mortgage, but also paying the taxes that pays their Section 8 neighbors rent. There is currently no time limit for how long someone can stay on the program, and no cap for how much rent can be subsidized. That kinda pisses me off.

Sure, I could rent my house out to a low income family and get guaranteed rent payments from the government, thereby getting back a few of my hard earned tax dollars... But I won't. I don't agree with the program. Violet works her ass off to pay for that home's mortgage.. I don't agree with some low income family moving in and getting a free ride. Besides, it could lower the property value too. I'm just not sure if I'm legally allowed to say no to them based on their use of Section 8 due to Equal Housing Opportunity laws. That kinda pisses me off.

Here's the wiki page for your info.

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As much as it would piss you off, Roland, I'd join the Fair Housing project if Gary and I qualified. ;) Most of these housing assistance programs aren't set up to give freeloading welfare families that really nice house next door to yours; they're meant to give a boost to working families who can't quite afford housing on their own, but could manage it with a little help (and who would take over payments completely if their income rose to support it). "Low Income" is dependent upon the median income for your area. Our family is technically "Low Income" as we make less than half of the median income for the San Diego area. But even though we fall under the 50% bracket for our area, and we certainly don't make enough to buy a home anywhere in SoCal unless the housing market totally crashes, we still make too much to qualify for any kind of assistance. If we did qualify, would I take it? Absolutely and instantly, and here's why: as far as home ownership goes, I don't know a single person in my age group who didn't have help from their family in purchasing their first home. We don't have that option, and without any resources beyond what Gary and I can generate and put into savings all by ourselves, we'll probably have to move out of state before we can afford our own mortgage.

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'xactly. People who work hard and don't have a house such as yourselves don't get subsidies, but I've gotten several calls from people wanting to rent my housein Madison screaming section 8 will pay the $1,500 rent bill. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm not saying I'm not against helping people. I've fallen on hard times myself. I'd be willing to let someone go on section 8 if one of the owners lost their job or something... Temporary help within limits is fine. Help people get back on their feet. That's great. I approve. I don't approve of the government paying a low income family's way into a nicer house for life.

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