An Inconvenient Truth  

Posted by Roland

Regardless of your political preferences, outside your financial status, and beyond your cultural heritage... We're ALL GONNA DIE. That'll solve traffic, but not in the way you probably want.

Everyone knows about it, but everyone ignores it because of propaganda, ignorance, refusal to believe, despair, or whatever. Well, stop ignoring it and DO something about it. Start by watching the movie An Inconvenient Truth. Don't just be aware of the truth. Accept it. Believe it. Live it. Otherwise, you won't be.

There's so many sad things going on in the world, but this is probably the biggest threat to the American way of life that I can think of. In fact, it's a threat to everyone's way of life.

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Amen Brother!

My copy of the movie from Amazon got shipped to Oceanside when I was already in Oregon. Gotta order a new one.

11:29 PM

I'm all about that!

Drive less, walk more!

7:06 PM

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