Happy Holidays  

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The Mrs. and I spent Xmas day at a friend's house eating lasagna, Oreo pie (which was frickin fantastic!), and playing games. We tried to watch A Christmas Story, but I didn't much care for it so we stopped about 1/4 of the way in. Violet did very well in Iron Dragon. If we had finished the game she had a good chance of winning. I have this week off from work. My plans include finishing NWN2, getting the oil changed in my car, and cleaning the house a bit. Exciting, huh?

Violet got her Xmas present several months ago (80gb iPod) so you can refer to her blog (link is on the right) for that. I haven't bought anything for myself yet. I am looking into getting a GPS, but haven't decided which make/model I want or even if the cost justifies the the device. Fortunately we've paid off all our credit cards except one, so that makes me very happy. It only took a several years :) But I digress...

Happy holidays everyone! As my mom says, I hope you got everything you wanted and wanted everything you got.

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