The Big Move Part Duex  

Posted by Roland

So I had to ramble before I posted about the move. I guess I'll move on now.

I don't care for New England (I'm north of Boston, MA now).
Its too damp and full of bugs. I'm going to hate the winter.

The new job is working out pretty well, I like it a lot and there's 7 varieties of free diet soda in the kicthen: Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Baqrs Root beer, Biet Canada Dry, Diet Coke, Diet Sprite, Diet Mountain Dew, and Diet Pepsi. Cool beans.

PC Gamer (August 2006) has a nice large E3 report about Star Trek : Legacy on page 42. They gave it an INFERNO, their highest E3 anticipation rating.

Mad Doc planned a trip to Six Flags New England, but due to 5 reasons (Backache, fatigue, 93 deg unshaded heat and high humidity weather, 2 hour drive, huge crowds) we opted out last minute and didn't go.

The movers suck. Never user National Van Lines. I used The Moving Experts, but unknown to me they employed Nat'l movers. Some of our stuff didn't fit in their truck, they tried to rip me off and lied to me (well, they didn't fulfill their promises) on numerous occasions. Also, they broke more things than I care to mention and were 2 days late. And whats up with this "Professional" and "Expert" company using a Enterprise rent a truck with a duct taped cardboard sign that says Nat'l Movers on it? Oh, and several items are missing. And I dont mean "unfound in a box somewhere" I mean not delivered.. like my 2-wheel dolly. Bastages!

I've unpacked some of the kitchen boxes. There's not enough room in this house. I'm glad this is just a rental, but it sure is expensive. We really need to sell our Wisconsin home or we're gonna be in a world of financial hurt soon.

I guess that's enough for now... Maybe Roland's Ramblings will happen more frequently from now on... we'll see.

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