Yet Another New CoV Character  

Posted by Roland

Glam was nice but didnt quite get the job done fast enough for me. So I made a new character. She's easier to play since she's a mastermind. I can summon ninja's and have them go fight my battles. I was hoping to attain level 10 without dying.. but I died just after reaching level 99 :(
Oh well, I dont think there's a badge for getting to level 10 without dying anyway.

Background Story:

Victor and Victoria were an average couple raising an average daughter. Except for the fact that Victor was a powerful Villain and Victoria was a noted hero. Their love was unmistakable. They even married and had a single child, a daughter. Through thick and thin they stuck it
out. The diferences between good and evil became irrelevant. But those were happier times. Before the invasion. Before entire cities had to take sides.
Vivian's parents didn't want to get involved. But they had no choice. Vivian, who never manifested powers of her
own, soon became an orphan. When heroes and villains collide, its the normal people that suffer. She vowed to
cleanse the world of their influence.

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