Titan Quest  

Posted by Roland

I kinda like Titan Quest. Its pretty. It plays similar to Diablo.. go kill things and take their stuff in order to go kill bigger things.

Emmaleth and I were playing Co-Op together last night and that was fun.. I like the skill trees, which helps develop a customized character, but the choices in the skill list are entirely discipline baed. If you want fireballs go with fire and forget about lightning or bows or defense or healing. I guess you can pick a 2ndary discipline later though. Also, I'd like to see more character models (there's only 2. male and female). Specifying the color of your tunic isn't next-gen :) Sometimes targeting a baddie is a click fest.

Anyway, I highly reccommend this game to those that enjoy the monty-hall style of adventuring seen in Diablo. I'm going to make up a new term for this style. Lets call it....

ARROW : Abstract Roleplaying and Real Object Withholding.

OK that was lame.
Something that describes killing hudreds of creatures and looting their stuff in order to kill even more creatures in real time along with some light skill/character/role-playing elements thrown in.

RTL (Real Time Looting)
LRP (Loot Role-playing)
MBA (Monster Bash Action)

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