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Captain's Log...
No wait, I'm not a captain. Never mind. But I'm looking forward to Star Trek : Legacy coming out. I have good hopes for it.

We saw Pirates of the Carribean II : Dead Man's Chest a few nights ago. It was good, but I liked the first one better. #2 seemed a little forced, likely due to the 3rd one following it. It had all the ingredients of the first, but I just think it was overcooked at a high altitude.

I mowed the lawn this morning for the first time since we've been at this house. I used the landlord's gas mower. Man I miss gas mowers. Using my electric one for the last few years was good.. it saved me gas, oil, and a lot of rope pulling. But mowing the yard with a 100' cord attached gets really tiresome. Apparently my electric mower is better vs wet grass than the gas one.

I moved the AC unit from the frontroom to Violet's office. She's in there so often and it gets more hot and humid in there than pretty much anywhere else. Besides, when we do go in the frontroom its usually later in the evening, and she's in her office during the afternoon. It just makes sense the window AC unit should go into her office. Duh.

I dont think I posted this, but I bought a dog runner some weeks back. Bascially a dog runner is a cable line suspended 8' in the air and tied at either end to something. I attached mine to the corner of the house and a tree 80' away. There's a pully type wheel on the cable, and you attach a cable line from yor dog's collar to this wheel. Then the dog can run back and forth and has a LOT more room to roam vs the typical stake in the ground. Well, the dog's don't care for the Dog Runner I bought and installed for them. Little bastages. It wasnt too expensive, and I may trying moving it to see if they just dont like the backyard or something. Im also considering renting a fence, but I have no idea what that kinda thing would cost. So we'll see.

And just in case you think I forgot to bitch about the movers, I discovered today that they apparently forgot my cordless weed trimmer. Bastages.

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