The Big Move  

Posted by Roland

OMG I'm posting again. I must be bored. That or I threw my back out when then movers finally arrived. I guess I'm old now.

Back in the BBS days, I'd write pages and pages of stuff. But this whole blog thing.. well, I dunno.. I don't think I care for the style much. Id much rather talk to people via AIM, or Scype. I guess I'm impatient and I don't want to wait for replies. Or maybe I don't think Ill get any replies and so I dont post. Or maybe I dont need that kind of validation because Im pretty happy with how my life is turning out, overall. Good job, great wife, and a fast enough computer to play Internet Checkers. It could be worse.

I've set my homepage to this blog now though so maybe I'll start posting more, we'll see.

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