Tired of tires  

Posted by Roland

Friday I got in my car and began to backup and immediately noticed something wasn't right. I've had this feeling before. Yup. A flat tire. Front passenger side. Doh. Well, I took Violet's car into work instead. But I ended up taking the day off so I came back home and removed the time. I noticed a rather large, probably 1/4" bolt, in the middle of the tread. That can't be good. It was a good sunny 60 (degF) day, soI thought I might as well replace Violet's 4 tires, which I should have done last winter. Certainly don't wanna do that after the winter hits. Having no Discount Tire Company around its pretty much a crap shoot, so I called around and did a lot (a few hours worth) of comparison shopping and tire size research in order to get the best value. I went with a place a few miles away who could repair my tire for 20 bucks and Violet's tires were on order for Sat delivery, total cost around 450. Well I got there and my tires wasn't fixable. Replacement would be 110 bucks or so and could probably be delivered on Sat. However they had a shipment of Violet's tires that had just happened to be restocked. SOOO Instead of getting my flat fixed on Fri and Violet's new tires on Sat, she got new tires on Friday and I got a new tire on Sat. BTW, remove the jack stand from under your car before trying to back out. Remember, knowing is half the battle.

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