Neverwinter Nights 2  

Posted by Roland

Sat and Sun I finally got a chance to sit down and play some Neverwinter Nights 2. Having already played the beta I knew what to expect, so I skimmed over the tutorial. The game gets better as you go.

I enjoy the adherence to the v3.5 rules and the VAST selection of races (all of em, including dark dwarves, drow, and planetouched), classes (including most prestige classes... Dragon Disciple? Red Dragon only. Shadow Dancer. Yup. Blackguard? Yup. Warlock? Yup. If its in the core rulebooks or players handbook 2, its there), spells, equipment, etc. Pretty aweseome.

The interaction with your party members and NPC characters is excellent, and I really get the sense that you can be whatever race or class or alignment you want and get customizable full content for it. No more wattered down or unallowed evil characters and no more ignoring consequences, good or bad, of your actions. The first party member that joins your ranks (if you so choose) is awesome.

The graphics are, well, vastly improved over NWN1. Heightmaps allow MUCH better landscapes and Speedtree allows for more natural looking foilage. Indoors are still tile based but the objects within are all placeable. Much better than NWN1.

However this is no Oblivion. The textures in NWN2 are crude, model quality is laughable, and the character customization (looks only) is barely existant. Maybe its an engine limitation but current RPGs are much better.

Bottom line.. If you didnt like NWN, you wont like this. If you are expecting Oblivion, don't.
NWN2 is a fine RPG, and definately worth checking out. 81/100.

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