Black Friday addendum  

Posted by Roland

I forgot to mention that I went to Target after going to Best Buy, CompUSA, and Staples. Don't go to Target on Black Friday. It's bad. Standing room only and lines to the back of the store in nearly every isle. I reccommend against it.

Violet and I went to the mall later in the evening, around 5 or 6. Picked up Tomb Raider: Legend for the Xbox 360 for 25 bucks (used) from Gamestop. Not bad. I had already played the demo and liked it well enough.

Stopped at Hot Topic and got a Nintendo backpack for 18 bucks. I couldn't find a product link anywhere for it outside of EBay, which is wierd. The sales associates couldn't find it either (online) and it took 3 of them to find one with a tag (which I personally think they just made up). Maybe its too new. I dunno. But it's my new gaming bag since I had to keep borrowing Violets. I also got a large black fuzzy dice looking thing that's actually a box with a zipper. It was a meager 10 bucks.

I also have to mention the smokin' hot redhead sales associate that also tried to sell me a nintendo belt. She also has, and apparently loves, the Wii. She showed me her Legend of Zelda belt (and most of her damn fine stomach since her shirt wasn't very long) too. I give her a 9.2. She'd get a higher score but was a little too thin to warrant it. Anyway, I didn't get the belt (it was a cub scout style elastic band and buckle with Nintendo icons on it) , since I don't much care for belts.

The Nintendo backpack combined with the Nintendo wallet I already have (and love, its awesome, and I get positive comments on it all the time) is pretty much all the same-brand name stuff I wanna have on my person. Besides, I've never owned or really played any Nintendo product. Doh!

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