The Prestige  

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Monday is usually date night. Violet and I always go out to dinner and a movie, or something, on date night. Lately though we've been trying to save money by only going to the movies once a month instead of once a week. Otherwise we watch a movie at home thanks to netflix.

Anyway with all the overtime I was working we haven't really been sticknig to schedule, and since I'm on vacation so we treated ourselves to date night yesterday in the afternoon. We went and saw The Prestige. I liked it ok, but their constant use of flashbacks made the movie not flow very well, so I didn't care for that. Of course, I pretty much always hate flashbacks. Acting was good, sets and costumes were great, and I was very happy to see David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. Of course, I'm always happy to see Scarlett Johansson. But the way things were presented were done in such a way that I didn't care for their resolution. It was a little awkward. I preferred The Illusionist simply becasue the story was more romantic, straight foward (sorta), and had a happier ending. Also, I'm a big fan of Edward Norton. So go see it if you want, everyone else thinks its really great. But me.. bah.. It's merely OK.

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Well I thought it was a fantastic movie and much better than the Illusionist. :)

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