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Posted by Roland

A few weeks ago I took my car in for its annual safety inspection. It failed. Apparently my front brake pads were a bit too thin (They were).

  • Inspection cost: $16.00 (State Mandated Fee)
  • Repair Cost: $340.00 (Replace pads, smooth & turn rotors)
  • Repair Time: Next Day
  • Cost to re-inspect vehicle: $1.00
Umm. No. $340.00 to replace brake pads? Are they kidding? I 've been fortunate enough to have my [step] dad Joe show me a lot of mechanical stuff back in the day. So I choose to replace them myself. I've done it a few times before and it doesn't cost $340.00 and it doesn't take over a day.
  • High Quality Brake Pads from AutoZone: $45.14
  • C-Clamp from Sears which was needed to more easily recede the brake cylinder: $4.00
  • Time spent to replace front brake pads (and going to Sears and back): 2-3 hours.
It's an easy job, really.. less work than than replacing a flat tire actually. I didn't rotate the rotors or whatever but they didn't really seem to need it anyway. Car's been working fine for days. I took the car back to get re-inspected and it passed. Hurray! BTW, The repair shop has free WiFi. Weird.

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