Player's Handbook II  

Posted by Roland

I really wanted to save money and buy the Player's Handbook II in a local game store or online. But I couldn't find one locally and althogh prices were 22 bucks instead of the MSRP of 35, I'd have to wait, pay shipping, etc. Many of the local book stores, even those that had D&D books, didnd't have this one in stock. I had seen it at Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago so Violet and I went there again, and there was one left. I was under the impression that all B&N books were 20% off MSRP, but I was wrong and ended up paying full price for it. DOH.

Anyway, the book is very good, packed with useful information that I and my players can actually use right now in my game. I like it a lot. Now if only E-Tools would update its v3.5 database with this book's info :)

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