Crunch Mode Part Deux.  

Posted by Roland

So I've been very busy the last week or so working 8-16 hour days and sometimes on Saturday. Not too bad really, 50 hours a week or so. Its worse at other companies, and I get free lunch, dinner, and comp time. We're only crunching becomes our release date is fast approaching(as you can probably tell if you check the release date listed on EB Games' website)

We've been polishing and bug fixing for awhile now. Sometimes I'm ok and only have a few issues on my plate (like now) and other times I've been overwhelmed with scores of issues that need resolution asap. If I was the kinda person that got stressed, these past 2 weeks probably would have caused some.

But something's gotta give, and Violet's been a real trooper about my absence from being home. I even skipped date night. I'm a bad monkey. I love you babykins! :)

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I love you to sweetums.
I'm cool with a few weeks crunch time, but if it turned into a few months crunch time we would discuss a new career for you ;)

12:06 PM

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