Long Past Due  

Posted by Roland

I've been having a tough time with the people renting our house in Madison. They bailed, and their last rent check bounced. This is not good for our hero. So its back on the for sale market. The carpet downstairs probably needs replaced so that's gonna cost. But they're gone. Really not his fault, his company promised him one thing but didnt keep that promise. Screwed both of us.

Other financial strains include the lack of being able to retire before the age of 100. I dont know how people manage their futures but I have no idea what all the stock and ira and crap is. In somewhat related news, Im a little nervous about taxes this year. Its gonna be messy.

I finally took a day off (Sunday) from work and we went to Salem(MA). We went on a haunted tour, which was ok. It was very windy but at leastit didnt rain. A good number of people were there. Violet got a really cool doll so I recommend checking her blog since Im sure she'll post a pic of it soon.

Haven't played D&D lately and dunno when we'll start back up. Hopefully next week. Ah well.

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