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Posted by Roland

9/7 was Violet's birthday so I took a half day off and we went to a concert at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA.
Rob Zombie & Godsmack (I forgot who opened for them).
It was very very loud. The conert was fine, unless you're a fan of either band, in which case it was great. Several huge LCD screen played videos most of the time so it was like a rock video. We sat near the front of the way back section, so we didnt see much. When Godsmack came out and while they played they live fed the cam to the monitors most of the time, so that was cool. I didnt realize how talented Sully is. He can sing and knows how to play the guitar, drums, and harmonica.
I liked the way Zombie's drummer played.

It was about an hour drive, free parking, and easy to get too.. so not too bad.
Check out Violet's blog entry for a more enthusiastic review :)

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