Best. Toy. Ever.  

Posted by Roland

What's cooler than Transformers?
Better than Star Wars???
Star Wars Transformers. OMG I think I just ejaculated.

Star Wars Transformers: Millennium Falcon

Star Wars Transformers: Fett Slave

Is it me, or are these things gonna make bank?

I just had to pick these things up. 20% off at KB Toy Store, of all places. I also got a 5.00 gift card. Both for 35 bucks. Pretty good deal. I haven't found anything good in a KB Store in a decade. I'm happy to see them carrying some of the new transformer line. Speaking of which, I think its lame Megatron now transforms into a tank. Megatron isn't a tank. He's a gun. That may seem lame but that's what he is. If he was a tank in the very beginning that would probably have been better (but suckage for him since most of the other decepticons fly in vehicle mode). Anyway, I could bitch and praise the new transformers toy line, but I won't. I'm just shocked they combined both Star Wars and Transformers. In my book that's pretty damn cool.

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You poor, deluded man. I pity you.

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