Shrek 3 at Manassas Cafe Theater  

Posted by Roland

A while ago Violet bought some cheap movie tickets from a solicitor that came to our door. I know, bad idea. But anyway, we went tonight. Normal movie price was $7.75.

It has 4 screens and is in terrible condition. Many of the ceiling tiles showed heavy water damage, the general decor was old and dirty, random plumbing parts were missing from the bathroom stalls, boxes and junk were strewn about, and overly large movie cut-outs were used as walls. They also feature a "dinner theater" where you can watch the movie while eating dinner. I'm not sure I'd care to try that though... I doubt they have an "A" rating for food prep. I did however get a free pinball game because the 50cent machine apparently was already paid for or a bonus game was awarded that no one continued. Instead of "Theater Seating", this theater featured "Dip" seating. The middle rows are lower than the front or rear rows, and the screen is higher up. its an interesting, if very old, way to seat people. No stairs involved too. I kinda liked the concept. The drink holders were attached to the rear of the seats that were in front of you instead of on the armrest like I'm used to. The parking lot was small and part of a small strip mall but there was amble parking since it was Wed evening.

We were the only 2 people in the movie. The popcorn was good but since I'm semi-dieting I didn't order any other junk food. The seats were comfortable enough but I noticed some of the seats weree ripped out or in dire need of repair/replacement. Its kinda like the place you'd see a Live Rocky Horror Picture Show being played, but alas, all they offered was a poster for that event.

Shrek The Third was pretty decent, I laughed out loud a few times. I liked the general story. The animations and voice acting were fantastic. It was a little predictable in places, but I liked how things generally wound up. I don't think I liked 3 as much as 1 or probably 2, but it was worth seeing. I recommend it.

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