Supers and the closet  

Posted by Roland

I almost enjoyed episode 2 of Who Wants to be a Super Hero. (Spoiler ahead)
I liked the challenges but was very bummed that the cutest contestant, Cell Phone Girl, was eliminated. I also think Enforcer was a blatant planted actor the whole time now. In fact, I think many of them are actually actors. Monkey Woman has a lot of theater and tv credits. I rewatched episode 1. Creature looked right at the girl in need but ignored her, not Monkey Woman. Creature should have been nominated for elimination and eliminated. Did I also mention her name is lame?
Cell Phone Girl, I am sorry you were booted. You're my favorite, but having a headache is no excuse to not save the world. You'd probably make a great sidekick... but heroine? I think not.

In other news, I fixed the closet. I waited over a week for the landlord to come and fix it (It ripped out of the wall, collapsing). He hasn't done anything about it so I fixed it. Took about 10 mins. Its also stronger than it was before, though not quite as straight :)

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