Oil Tank Replacement  

Posted by Roland

The oil tank (probably over 50 years old) failed last week. Oil has been seeping from the tank onto the basement floor, creating a river of oil whos eodor has filled the house with nasty oil smell.
Combined with the heavy moisture in the air, its ruining my tools too.

BTW, an oil tank is a large (6' wide and 5' tall) drum that holds oil. This oil is used to heat the homes and the hot water. Never heard of it before coming to New England. Anyway. It was replaced this morning. Hopefully the smell goes away. I bought a wet/vac for 20 bucks (deep discounted sale price) from Home Depot too. Since we're renting, we didnt pay for the oil tank replacement. Whew.

Anyway, oil is nasty. Avoid it.

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