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All I've been doing is working, packing (we're moving at the end of the month), housework, or taking care of Drake. I had to sacrifice some sleep to play DDO during its 2nd anniversary free week of play. I didn't gain a level, but I got closer than I was. They have a 9.99 deal until March 14 I think, if you pay for 6 months at once.

Speaking of lost sleep, I've been having to get up 2 or 3 times every night to put Drakey back to sleep. I'm still sleeping in the nursery for this exact reason. He does OK for a few hours, but then wakes up and realizes his pacifier is gone and starts to fuss. Once I reinsert it he goes straight back to sleep. Then we both wake up around 6am and I cant go back to sleep. So for the last few weeks Ive been averaging 6-7 hours in broken spurts. So I'm kinda tired.

Gwyen had some kinda injury about a month ago, dunno if I mentioned it. She seems better overall, but she isn't eating as much as she used to (and may have lost some weight). Vet thinks its some kinda blunt jaw trauma.

In preparation for the move I tried to get my trailer, but I couldn't get the hitch lock I put on it to unlock. I tried wiggling and did both correct keys, but it just won't turn. I called the manufacturer (Coquent) and they've had some reports of this issue. Even though its well past its 90 day warranty, they're gonna send me a new one. Course, I have to hack-saw off the old one.

That's all I have time to type. Sorry my updates are few and far between.
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Sounds like a tough transition. You guys need to move back. It really helps having family and friends around. Imagine getting a full nights sleep again, and nice weather. Housing prices are coming down, and you guys could find a nice condo for cheap right now.

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